Band Members

Jack The Cuddler

Jack is the bands singer/screamer. He loves doing backflips off the stage speakers and to really rock the crowd. He dabbles in some acoustic guitar and his vocal range is pretty big compared to some other singers in the buissness. Jack is able to sing from a low bass growl to a high soprano. He hasn't been arrested once as far as we know but when he was about the age of 6 he stole a piece of double bubble gum and never looked back. He started choir when he was 10 but found he was interested in a different kind of genre. When he was 18 he started a band called "The Monkeys" whcih later turned into their current band name "Screaming Flailing Monkey Party". 2 years later Jack scored their band a gig opening for A Day To Remember and ever since they've been blowing up the radio with their newest hit single "Hey Why Is That Monkey Partying So Hard".

Slender Steve